Business Services

Small business is the backbone of our country’s economy and Eisert Wealth Management offers an array of services for the business owner. We can help with employee retention, 401k and other benefit programs. We can help with insurance strategies to protect the business, the individuals, and other key people. We can even assist in the transition of your business to the next owner. We do these in collaboration with our insurance affiliates

Our unique business services include our Corporate Cash Account and  the Cash Balance Retirement Plan. The Corporate Cash Account is discussed on a separate page. The Cash Balance Retirement plan is a little known feature of the U.S. Tax Code. For the right situation, this plan can allow the business owner a tax deductable contribution of up to $311,000. This is in addition to the $60,000 deduction for maxing out your 401k. The limit depends on your age and income. Eisert Wealth Management does the investment management and a Third Party Administrator (TPA) is needed for reporting.

At Eisert Wealth Management, we are available to work with your lawyer or CPA on these matters. We can also suggest professionals, if yours do not work in these areas.

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